Comment Policy

We absolutely encourage and welcome informed discussion on our blog – that’s a significant purpose blogs have. Please feel free to express your thoughts at anytime. Naturally, keep the conversation friendly and productive. We should disagree at times; however, it should be in a respectful, useful way. Also, please try to keep the conversation basically on topic; however, we fully recognize some of the best conversations veer into unexpected but wonderful directions.

Any comment that is deemed to be spam, attacks another individual user, contains inappropriate language or links, or is in any other way deemed inappropriate is subject to editing or deletion at our sole discretion without notice. Repeat offenders are subject to being banned from viewing this page and/or further action from Anyone who makes us feel uncomfortable writing will be banned, as well. This is not censorship. We own this blog.

Finally, please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to many interesting, productive, insightful conversations and learning experiences with all of you. Thank you for your interest in our website and blog.

This policy is subject to revision at any time without notice.

Last updated Monday, September 9, 2013.

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